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Tax Preparation

This might sound strange, but I love doing tax returns. Since 1971, I’ve written more than twenty thousand returns! Many of my clients start out with a special need, but keep coming back because of the personal relationship that we’ve...

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Past Due Income Tax Returns

What Happens When I File Overdue Returns? Once your returns become overdue, it might seem too late to expect an okay outcome. In actuality, an unexpected benefit of filing is that you will probably make more money. Sometimes, self-employed people...

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Past Due Employment Taxes

What are employment taxes? The most forceful collection activities are applied to collect past due employment taxes. Employment taxes are one type of Trust Fund Taxes, meaning that the business owner has withheld the taxes with the purpose of...

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Paying Back Taxes

Will I Go to Jail? Though the law theoretically allows for jail time for not paying your taxes, I have not seen this occur in my thirty-five years of practice. The reasons for unpaid taxes among employed people commonly include illness, job loss...

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Payment Arrangements

What Is a Payment Arrangement? Payment arrangements are used to pay off tax in a monthly payment. Payment arrangements are chosen when you earn enough money to pay off the tax over time, but you don’t have enough to pay the tax in full right now...

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Offer in Compromise

Offer in Compromise What Is An Offer In Compromise? Offer in compromise is the name given to “making a deal” with the IRS. Most states have adopted this same name for their deal-making process. The IRS accepts only one offer in three. Our firm’s...

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Is Bankruptcy an Option for Me? Some income taxes can be discharged at bankruptcy. Income taxes can be discharged at bankruptcy, whereas payroll taxes cannot. The income tax must have been “assessed” more than three years before the date of the...

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Business Taxes

What are business taxes? Business taxes are a class of taxes payable by the business only. The owner of the business cannot be made responsible for them. Taxes such as corporate income taxes or franchise taxes are business taxes. What can happen...

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Statutes of Limitation

What Are Statutes of Limitation? The IRS statute of limitation for collection is ten years from the date of assessment. Statutes of limitation can eliminate your tax. The IRS statute of limitation is ten years from the date of assessment...

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Wage Garnishment

My Wages Have Been Garnished: Now What? When the IRS garnishes your wages, they usually just want you to call them and make a payment arrangement. Then they will release your wages. The first garnishment of wages by the IRS is usually a calling...

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What Is a Lien? A lien is defined as the right of the IRS to satisfy its tax bill if your property is sold. A lien will appear on your credit report, and it is a negative for your credit rating. A lien is bad in the long run, but not painful in...

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What Is A Levy? A Levy is defined as the seizure of money or property to satisfy a legal obligation. The obligation must be one that has been adjudicated by law. The IRS must follow a certain procedure to obtain the right to Levy. In fact the IRS...

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