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Success Stories

I don’t know whether to call you my hero or my tax goddess. Twice I haven’t gotten married because I had this tax problem of unfiled tax returns AND my driver’s license had been suspended by New  York State!  First, you eliminated $128,000 lien by NYS, and you got me back my license.  Next, you filed those old tax returns, and the amount I owed was much less than I had built up in my mind. Now I can move on with my life.  It’s been twelve years of hell, guilt and hiding, but now I am free.

Martha! Thank you a million times over for navigating me through this on every level. You are responsible for a life reclaimed! I feel a sense of freedom I have not felt in over a decade, and it is absolutely savored as well as fully appreciated. I will certainly never again make the sort of mistakes I made. Do people generally hold their tax attorney close to their heart? I know I will, forever. It goes without saying that I will be recommending you to any soul who shall need your services.

In December 2005, I had a wife and three kids, but I didn’t have a job. I owed a lot of tax. I asked Martha what to do. She agreed with me that I should go into business for myself, that she knew how to work out the tax bill. Now it’s January 2008. My business is a success, and my tax bill has been paid by a loss in my first year of business.

At one point the IRS levied my bank account, which would have put me out of business. My bank was happy to shut me down. I was there when she called the IRS. They started out scary, but by the end of the call, they were happy with me and had released my money.

I wouldn’t have made it without Martha.

My husband suffered a brain aneurysm from which he would not fully recover and it was unlikely that he would return work. I took a leave of absence, then I lost my job and my husband received a diagnosis of a needed organ transplant. I started a home based business- I never once gave a thought to placing money aside for income tax. I paid quarterlies, business entity tax etc., and never planned beyond that.

Tax time rolled in and out. I was afraid to have our taxes prepared. I didn’t know how much our tax liability would be. I assumed it would be more than we had. God, what would I do?? Well, what I did was nothing…I lived in denial…went “numb” at tax time and continued that pattern for 4 years. The “wake up” call came one night while watching TV. I froze in my chair. Amnesty… oh, my God… I’m in so much trouble. I am probably going to jail. This is so serious… I lived with a “tax knot” in my stomach for another 3 years. I was terribly frightened, would lay awake thinking about it and beat myself up terribly. Finally, after 7 years and enough antacid to float a ship I simply got tired of being frightened.

Finally I called the office of Martha Miller. I nervously told one of her assistants that I had not been paying income tax and wanted to make an appointment. I was afraid to give my name. Attorney Miller called me that same afternoon and said to me, “Call me Martha” I went in to see her and she listened; she advised and came up with a game plan. She placed her pen on the desk, leaned forward, looked me squarely in the eyes and said “Donna, you can do this… just keep walking.”

Wherever you are… Whatever your circumstance, start your journey now. Just keep walking, until you reach Martha Miller, Esquire. If you get yourself to her… She will get you the rest of the way. God Bless you Martha.
































This is to express a rave recommendation for Martha Miller and Miller Tax Law. Martha has been my attorney, tax consultant and tax accountant for over twenty years. I have survived and prospered as a small business owner and consultant aided in great measure by the savvy advice and know-how Martha has provided me. To say nothing about the time I came out unscathed after a tax audit by the IRS covering two years. Martha stood by me and my company. She was there whenever needed, answering the IRS auditor’s questions for ten days until we got to a resolution that was totally satisfactory. And by satisfactory, yes, I mean cheap.

Martha is a tremendous resource for anyone who has the burden of living with a government which insists on taxing its citizens… hmmm… that would be everyone. I especially recommend Martha for the small business owner/operator. Her expertise allows the businessman the luxury of a map showing the locations of the hidden landmines.

Use Martha. Send her checks speedily. The money spent for Martha’s services come back to you in triplicate. No kidding.





I have worked with Miller Tax Law over a period of almost 30 years. I have always felt that a tax attorney provides a measure of security and assurance that a CPA cannot offer. My instincts have been certainly validated since the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic. Before congress had approved the various relief programs, Miller Tax Law contacted me to suggest I apply for disaster loans for my small business and I immediately retained Martha to apply for the loans on my behalf. Yesterday the bank notified me that my PPP loan has been approved. I am not only deeply grateful, but also wildly impressed that Miller Tax Law succeeded to navigate a system that has stymied hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country. I applaud Miller Tax Law for their terrific work advocating for their small business clients.

For several years, I failed to file my personal tax returns, ultimately retaining Miller Tax Law to handle the situation. When the project was complete, I was advised that the matter was resolved and assured that I could now stop worrying about my back returns. In point of fact, I stopped worrying about my taxes the day I put Miller Tax Law on my team.

To the best attorney in the world! You have no idea how much it means to me what you did. The number of years worrying, the sleepless nights, the tears, the sick feeling in your stomach, the needless thousands spent on attorney bills, and you fixed it all in a couple of months! I will be forever grateful for that day I googled Tax Attorney CT and your name popped up. And that day has given my brother and me peace and for that I will be forever grateful to you.

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