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Paying Back Taxes

Will I Go to Jail? Though the law theoretically allows for jail time for not paying your taxes, I have not seen this occur in my thirty-five years of practice. The reasons for unpaid taxes among employed people commonly include illness, job loss...

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Innocent Spouse – Do You Qualify?

If you’ve been following the last few blogs [Divorce and Taxes] and [Injured Spouse], you know that according to the IRS, there is a difference between claiming to be an ‘Innocent Spouse’ or an ‘Injured Spouse’. In this blog we return to the...

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IRS Injured Spouse – Do You Qualify?

When a divorce enters the tax picture, sometimes things can get ugly. Finances are the last thing that couples generally think about when they get married, but later, especially if things don’t work out between the two, finances and taxes owed...

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More about Tax Levies

Let’s hope that you never receive a ‘Notice of Intent to Levy’ from the IRS. Still, it’s a good idea to understand what an IRS Levy is – not only will this give you extra motivation to finish your taxes, but you might glean some valuable tips...

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Tax Lien or Tax Levy – Should I Panic?

What if the dreaded scenario happens? What if you get a piece of mail from the IRS, and it has a scary word written in the communication – something that begins with ‘L’….such as the word ‘Lien’ or ‘Levy’? What happens then? In this blog we’ll be...

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IRS Tax Debts – More Options for Settling

What if you are finding that you don’t qualify for the most straightforward options for paying off your tax debt? There are other approaches you can take for resolving your tax liabilities… let’s take a look. Partial Payment Agreements If you...

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9 Rules For Negotiating With The IRS

The notices are piling up, and you’ve reached the place where you’re thinking the un-thinkable: it’s time to negotiate with the IRS. Don’t panic; sit down, take a deep breath, and read on. Whatever you are trying to resolve, the approaches listed...

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Settling IRS Tax Debts – Your Options

As we noted in the previous blog, the IRS has 10 years to collect any tax due. So you’re going to have to deal with this sooner or later, and interest and late payment penalties will continue to accrue while you figure out how you are going to...

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Paying Your Tax Debt: Tax Settlements

So you’ve found out that you owe back taxes – now what? First, sit down and take a deep breath. Next, read on to get an overview of the possible approaches to your situation. Remember, the IRS has 10 years to collect any tax due, so you’re going...

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