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Innocent Spouse – Do You Qualify?

If you’ve been following the last few blogs [Divorce and Taxes] and [Injured Spouse], you know that according to the IRS, there is a difference between claiming to be an ‘Innocent Spouse’ or an ‘Injured Spouse’. In this blog we return to the...

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IRS Injured Spouse – Do You Qualify?

When a divorce enters the tax picture, sometimes things can get ugly. Finances are the last thing that couples generally think about when they get married, but later, especially if things don’t work out between the two, finances and taxes owed...

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Divorce and Taxes – Need Help?

If you’ve been through a divorce, chances are your view of many subjects is less than cheery. But when you add taxes into the equation, things can be especially frustrating. What if you find that you are liable for tax due on a joint return that...

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