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What Is A Levy? A Levy is defined as the seizure of money or property to satisfy a legal obligation. The obligation must be one that has been adjudicated by law. The IRS must follow a certain procedure to obtain the right to Levy. In fact the IRS...

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More about Tax Levies

Let’s hope that you never receive a ‘Notice of Intent to Levy’ from the IRS. Still, it’s a good idea to understand what an IRS Levy is – not only will this give you extra motivation to finish your taxes, but you might glean some valuable tips...

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Tax Lien or Tax Levy – Should I Panic?

What if the dreaded scenario happens? What if you get a piece of mail from the IRS, and it has a scary word written in the communication – something that begins with ‘L’….such as the word ‘Lien’ or ‘Levy’? What happens then? In this blog we’ll be...

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