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What Is a Lien? A lien is defined as the right of the IRS to satisfy its tax bill if your property is sold. A lien will appear on your credit report, and it is a negative for your credit rating. A lien is bad in the long run, but not painful in...

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Tax Lien or Tax Levy – Should I Panic?

What if the dreaded scenario happens? What if you get a piece of mail from the IRS, and it has a scary word written in the communication – something that begins with ‘L’….such as the word ‘Lien’ or ‘Levy’? What happens then? In this blog we’ll be...

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IRS Tax Debts – More Options for Settling

What if you are finding that you don’t qualify for the most straightforward options for paying off your tax debt? There are other approaches you can take for resolving your tax liabilities… let’s take a look. Partial Payment Agreements If you...

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