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December Tax Moves

As we move to the end of the calendar year, here are some things to think about to save yourself headaches when tax time rolls around… Extra Income Like many Americans you may have felt the income pinch in the last year, or you may be doing...

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Tax Identity Theft!

Identity theft is concern for most citizens, and we are bombarded with ads, suggestions and warnings every day. Perhaps you are reacting to this by being extra careful with your debit card at gas pumps or at restaurants. That’s a good start, but...

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Tax Preparation Tips

It’s Tax Time – you see it everywhere; ads for do-it-yourself tax programs, strange documents coming every day in the mail, papers piling up… it’s enough to make you want to bury your head in the sand, right? Well…don’t. Do yourself a Big Favor...

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Tax Deadlines – Check These Dates!

In the last blog we discussed the Extension deadline for people filing their taxes late. Here we fill you in on all the other dates you should be aware of. The Quick List of Deadlines by Category: May through April Deadlines falling on a weekend...

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What does ‘Adjusted Gross Income’ mean?

We pay income tax on our income. Sounds simple, right? But in truth, there is a lot of ‘figuring’ that goes on BEFORE you get to the dollar amount which tells you HOW MUCH income you pay taxes on. It’s a little complicated, but worth all your...

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Home Office Tax Deduction

It’s a fantasy many of us have at tax time: we hear about the mystical form 8829: ‘Expenses for Business Use of Your Home’, and we start to dream. We say to ourselves “I have that little desk in the kitchen where I work on reports”, or “I make...

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Getting Things Ready For Your Tax Preparer

It may be happening to you, right now- – tax-terror brain fog. You know you should be getting your documents together for your tax preparer, but…every time you try to start… everything starts to go in slow motion, the list of things to do is...

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