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My Wages Have Been Garnished: Now What?

wage-garnishmentWhen the IRS garnishes your wages, they usually just want you to call them and make a payment arrangement. Then they will release your wages.

The first garnishment of wages by the IRS is usually a calling card. They want you to call to make an arrangement to pay. Then, they will usually release the garnishment promptly. The problem is that most taxpayers are so upset by the garnishment that they don’t follow through.

Can I Call the IRS?

If you do decide to call the IRS, you will need to be low-key and polite to get the garnishment released. Calls can last forty minutes or more. You can recruit a family member or friend who can speak on your behalf, but you will need to be there for the whole time to give information regarding your financial affairs and to okay that the IRS speaks to your friend.

What If I Can’t Keep My Payment Arrangement?

If you’ve made a payment arrangement, and then failed to keep the arrangement for whatever reason, the garnishment will not be released so easily. You really might need us at this point.